Posters and presentation (also from conferences)

You can view a poster in .pdf format about BRDF modelling prepared by J. Cierniewski and T. Gdala. This document decribes research on this subject. You can also download .jpg version of this poster.

Furrow Microrelief Influence on the Directional Hyperspectral Reflectance of Soil at Various Illumination and Observation Conditions prepared by J. Cierniewski i M. Guliński, presented in Valencia, Spain, 2009.

Use of undisturbed and artificial soil samples for the BRF laboratory measurements of cultivated soils complementing the measurements acquired in the field - prepared by J.Cierniewski J. Piekarczyk, M. Gulinski, S. Królewicz and B. Zagajewski (University of Warsaw), presented Third Workshop on Hyperspectral Image and Signal Processing, Lisbona, 2011.

APPLICATION OF DIFUSE SPECTRAL REFLECTANCE DATA FOR ASSESSEMENTS OF SOIL PROPERTIES - prepared by C. Kaźmierowski, J. Piekarczyk, J. Cierniewski, K. Kuśnierek, S. Królewicz, H. Terelak, T. Stuczyński and B. Maliszewska-Kordybach, presented during international conference Protection of agricultural soils against joint stress of natural and anthropogenic factors , 13th - 16th June 2011, Puławy, Poland.

Relationships between soil properties of the abandoned fields and spectral data derived from ASTER image - poster presented by J. Piekarczyk, C. Kaźmierowski and S. Królewicz during 5th International Congress of the European Society for Soil Conservation, June 25-30 2007, Palermo, Italy.

Indirect estimation of plant-available water limits in selected soils of Wielkopolska Province (Poland) - poster presented by C. Kaźmierowski during 5th International Congress of the European Society for Soil Conservation, June 25-30 2007, Palermo, Italy.

Królewicz S., Dzieszko P.,  2011. Evaluation of DSMs quality based on various kinds of digital images. State of the Art and Trends in Airborne and Land Mobile Mapping Technology. 13 – 16 June, Cracow, Poland. ISBN:978-83-61576-15-0.

Spectral properties of the Polish Soils (Preliminary results in final report - project NN 306 013637)

Research Projects

Projects realesed in the Department financed by the Ministry of Science and Informatics:

Project No /Status


 Title / Head of the project, (Phd student.) / budget
NN 306 050739 2010 - 2011

  Mapping the soil organic carbon content using hyperspectral data.

   J. Cierniewski, K. Kuśnierek, ~16000$.

NN 306 600 040 2011 - 2014

  Variation of the shortwave solar radiation reflecting from the soil resulting from the use

  of different tillage practices.

   J. Cierniewski, collective, ~66000$.

NN 306 013637 2010 – 2013

 Hyprespectral reflectance properties of soils in Poland.

  J. Piekarczyk, collective, ~ 87000$.

2 P04G 09428 2005 – 2009

 Indirect estimation of hydraulic properties of Polish Lowland soils.

  C. Kaźmierowski, individual, ~34000$.

   P04E 03029 2005 – 2008

 Bare soil albedo in different illumination conditions and the shape of soil surface

  J. Cierniewski, collective, ~32000$.

2 PO6S 05029 2006 – 2009

 Remote sensing method for identification of fallow and wastel and former farmland.

  J. Piekarczyk, collective, ~29000$.

6 P04E 02316 1999  2001

 The directional reflectance model of cultivated soil surfaces, taking into account their

 roughness coused by soil aggregates and microrelief.

  J. Cierniewski, collective, ~20000$,

6 P04E 05117 1999 2000

 The influence of slope and aspect of sand surfaces on their brightness on aerial

 photographs in variable illumination and viewing conditions.

  J. Cierniewski, S.Królewicz ~15000$


Equipment used for remote sensing reaseach

Field system for multi- hyper spectral measurements of soils reflectance (robot with Cimel luminancemeter or robot with ASD FieldSpec Pro)

 Goniometer for lab BRDF measurement

3D laser scanner used for the lab and field measurement of soil roughness

 ASD FieldSpec 3 Pro - hyperspectral field and lab radiometer

ADC Thetracam image multispespectral camera for field and airborne measurements

          6 field albedometers with dataloggers to measure daily albedo from soil surface.

Soil Labolatory Equiment

Tension disk infiltrometer for field measurements of unsaturated hydraulic conductivity (original  construction based on Perroux and White 1988) and ponded single-ring infilrometers for water infiltration rate (field saturated hydraulic conductivity).

 Continous field soil moisture determination.

Soil water retention characteristics is determined in undisturbed core samles using  sand-box tank method (Eijkelkamp) for matric potential up to 100 kPa (wet region), in pressure chambers on 1 and 5 Bar ceramic plates (Soil Moisture Equipment Corp.) for potentials between 100 and 500 kPa and vapour equilibrium method  in dry region (>1500 kPa).

 Soil texture composition

 Determination of soil organic carbon and tatal nitrogen using block digestor.

Computers and software used in reaserch and didactics

1 Workstation for remote sensing data and 3D data processing (Intel i7-3930K 12MB L3 cache,             6 cores/12 threads, 32GB RAM, Revo3 flash drive technology, 4TB of disk space)

2 workstations for remote sensing data and spectral data processing (Intel Quad 9550, 4G RAM, with 6 TB of diskspace each) 

7 desktop computers for general purpose and lab equipment support;

5 laptops for field and personal use.

Two GPS palmtops with OziExplorer 2.0,

Software: PCI Geometica 10.2 with OrthoEngine; TNTmips (5 licence); Ecogntion (8.0); ViewSpecPro 6.0, Unscrambler 10.1, Microsoft Office 2007; Oryginal software for BRDF modelling (Gdala and Cierniewski), software for controlling goniometer measurement (author: K. Stanisławska)

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