XXIV Ogólnopolska Konferencja Fotointerpretacji i Teledetekcji

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Sesja - 27-09-2021

Sesja - 28-09-2021


Current  activities:

2021: Scientific work titled: Seasonal Net Shortwave Radiation of Bare Arable Land in Poland and Israel According to Roughness and Atmospheric Irradiance  was published  in Remote Sensing, MDPI, 13, 1897.

2020: Scientific work titled: Spatial Variability of Yield and Nitrogen Indicators-A Crop Rotation Approach  was published  in Agronomy10(12):1959.

2019: Scientific work titled: Representative elementary area issue in soil spectral measurements.  was published  in Soil and Tillage Research, 186, 259-269.

2019: Scientific work titled: Combined use of remote sensing and geostatistical data sets for estimating the dynamics of shortwave radiation of bare arable soils in Europe  was published  in International Journal of Remote Sensing 40(5-6):2359-2374.

2018: Scientific work titled: Annual dynamics of shortwave radiation of bare arable lands on a global scale incorporating their roughness  was published  Environmental Earth Sciences 77(23).

07.2017: Scientific work titled: Predicting the diurnal blue-sky albedo of soils using their laboratory reflectance spectra and roughness indices   was published  in Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer .

03.2017: Scientific work titled:  Annual dynamics of shortwave radiation as consequence of smoothing of previously plowed and harrowed soils in Poland will be published in Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology.

05.2016: Scientific work titled: Effects of soil surface roughness on soil reflectance measured in laboratory and outdoor conditions. Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing is published in Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing.

Raport  from grant Spectral properties of the Polish soils.

The new specialization - Carthography and Remote Sensing - available in the Master Studies (Geography). Lecturers from our department within this new  specialization will lead classes such as: Physical Basics of Remote Sensing, Remote Sensing Sensors and Products, Lab and Field Spectroscopy, Remote Sensing in Hydrology and Meteorology, Remote Sensing in Agruculture and Forestry, Soil Mapping Resources, Digital Image Processing in Remote Sensing, Digital Photogrammetry.

List of proposed topics for master theses (Proponowane tematy prac magisterskich)


Department of Soils Science and Remote Sensing of Soils - research profile

  The Department was founded in 1999 as an independent educational and research unit within Institute of Physical Geography and Environmental Planning. At present the stuff of the department are five academic teachers and two technical workers. We give lectures and teaching classes in all studies conducted at the Faculty of Geographical and Geological sciences in the field of soil science and remote sensing. Scientific research are concentrated on measurements and computer modeling of soil and crop bidirectional reflectance, application of remote sensing techniques for soil science, application the satellite remote sensing to identification of abandoned fields, estimation their acreage and assessment of succession stage of their vegetation, influence of bidirectional reflectance phenomena and optical properties of the camera's lens on remote sensing images, radiometric calibration of remote sensed data and its processing, determination of soil hydraulic properties and its modeling with pedotransfer functions (PTF) and use of diffuse reflectance spectroscopy to soil properties investigation.

The building of the Faculty of Geographical and Geological Sciences (FGGS).
The Depertment of Soil Science and Remote Sensing of Soils is placed on the 3rd floor.


Photograph taken by Slawomir Krolewicz & Zbiszek Meller (2006)

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